tkMOO-light, Tcl and Tk

tkMOO-light is implemented using the Tcl programming language and the Tk graphical widget set. The most stable releases are Tcl 8.3 and Tk 8.3.

Installing Tcl 8.3 and Tk 8.3

Tcl and Tk are available as precompiled binaries for a range of platforms or alternatively as source code which you have to compile yourself.

Binary Releases

Pre-compiled releases are now available for the following platforms, use the 'Save link as' option on your webbrowser:

Source Releases

If you're running on a platform other than the ones listed above, or if you want to make modifications to Tcl and Tk, you'll need to retrieve the source releases, which are available separately for Tcl and Tk in several different forms.

See Tcl/Tk Core Download Page for further details on obtaining the source release.