Running tkMOO-light on Mac OS X

You can run tkMOO-light on Mac OS X but it's not a simple process. A better-integrated version of tkMOO-light for Mac OS X will be available soon, but in the mean time you should try one of the following approaches.

Using XDarwin and the UNIX version of tkMOO-light

The UNIX version of tkMOO-light requires an X11 graphics server, which is common to platforms like Solaris and Linux. A version of the Xfree86 X11 system is available for Mac OS X and works in conjunction with XDarwin to provide support for X11 applications like tkMOO-light.

You'll also need to install a version of Tcl/Tk, just like UNIX users do.

Installing Xfree86
Xfree86's support for Mac OS X is relatively new, so it's a good idea to get the full Xfree86 archive and build a version on your machine. You'll only be able to do this if you have a copy of the Mac OS X Developer Toolkit, a separate CD from Apple.

If you don't have a Developer toolkit then you can download a precompiled binary version of the Xfree86 system.

A detailed description of how to do this is given here:

When building a local version of the Xfree86 system the approach goes roughly like this:

create a new directory and download the CVS tree, then build and install the complete system. This takes a long time to download and compile.
mkdir xfree86
cd xfree86
cvs -d login
	(use the password 'anoncvs')
cvs -d checkout xc
cd xc
make World
sudo make install
	(use your Mac OS X administrator password)

Installing XDarwin
You can download the XDarwin package from here:

Installing Tcl/Tk
The quickest way to install Tcl/Tk is to use a package manager like Fink. You can get Fink from here: Download and install Fink and then type the command:
fink install tcltk

Using X-Tools and the UNIX version of tkMOO-light

As an alternative to XDarwin you can use the X-Tools system to provide support for X11 applications. X-Tools is available here:

Using the Mac OS X 'Classic' Environment and the Macintosh version of tkMOO-light

You can also download the Macintosh version of tkMOO-light, now available as a .sit archive, and run it. Mac OS X will start the Classic environment to support the client which runs as a Mac OS 9x application.