Moo.Awns.Com is a demonstration site for the tkMOO-light client, MCP/2.1 packages and related applications. Visitors are encouraged to take a look around and try out the available software.

The server is a Guest-only site, and no user-accounts are being given out at this time.

How to Visit Moo.Awns.Com

If you're using tkMOO-light then you can access the site, as a Guest, by using the 'Help->Visit Moo.Awns.Com' menu item. The host-name you connect from will be displayed to all users of the server while you're connected.

The server's address is 8888.

A Few Simple Commands

Here are a few simple commands to help you feel at home.

To say something, type the " character (double-quote) before your speech. For example, when you type:

    "Hello everyone.
Other people in the room will see:
    Guest says, "Hello everyone."
To perform an action, type the : character (colon) before your action. For example, when you type:
Other people in the room will see:
    Guest waves.
To look at objects in the room, type look, followed by the name of the object. For example, to take a closer look at the packing crate in the Office Foyer, type:
    look crate
You will see the description:
    A large and heavy looking packing crate.  A label on the crate
    reads 'VVV this side up VVV'.
To find out more about the large number of commands that are available on the site, type:
You will see a list of available commands grouped into different categories. The first page of help looks like this:

    Help is available on the following general topics:

          what's going on here and some basic commands
          index into the help system

          setting characteristics of yourself
          moving yourself between rooms
          communicating with other players
          moving or using other objects
          commands that don't fit anywhere else

          extending the MOO
          writing code in the MOO programming language
          editing text and code in the MOO

          customizing your MOO environment
          what to do if lines scroll off your screen too fast
          what to do if lines are truncated

    Type `help <topic>' for information on a particular topic,
    or `pick <number>' to follow a numbered link.