Collaborative Virtual Workspace

MITRE Corp's Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW) is "a collaboration software environment that provides a 'virtual building' where teams can communicate, collaborate, and share information, regardless of their geographic location."

You can find out more on the CVW website at:

The experimental plugin cvw.tcl implements MCP/2.0 and supports a small subset of the CVW application suite. It currently provides for clickable maps, user-listings, room contents, user inventory and editable notes.

Using the Plugin

To configure tkMOO-light for a CVW server you'll need to turn on the 'Use MCP/2.0' setting in the Out of Band category of the Preferences Editor. You should also turn off any other settings in that category.

The plugin provides the following menu items in the client's Tools menu: 'Toggle CVW Inventory', 'Toggle CVW Contents', 'Toggle CVW Users', 'Toggle CVW Map'.