tkMOO-light for UNIX, Windows and Macintosh

Current version is 0.3.32, released 21st December 2001

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tkMOO-light is an advanced chat client suitable for use with muds and especially MOO systems. The client runs on UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms.

tkMOO-light is the ideal choice if you're looking for a single chat client which is able to run on different operating systems.

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tkMOO-light is Copyright (c) Andrew Wilson 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002. All Rights Reserved. Please read the full LICENCE.

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  • 10th February 2002
    The shell.tcl plugin adds the 'Tools->Shell selection' menu option to the client. Use the plugin to run selected text as a command in your UNIX shell, or run commands from the client's input window.
  • 21st December 2001
    tkMOO-light version 0.3.32 has been released. CHANGES include a fix for a rare start-up error, improved support for UNIX webbrowsers, and a help page detailing plugin configurations. There are fixes for the standalone client on Mac OS 9x, and the Preferences Editor, and you can now control the colour of the client's input window.
  • 5th November 2001
    tkMOO-light version 0.3.31 has been released. CHANGES include bug-fixes for the standalone client on Mac OS 9x, and the Preferences Editor.
  • 20th October 2001
    tkMOO-light version 0.3.30 has been released. CHANGES include improved installation and operation on UNIX machines and added support for debugging plugins. Triggered highlights and ANSI colour can exist on the same line and a new plugin provides support for the dns-com-awns-timezone package. The Help menu has a quick link to the client's demonstration server at Moo.Awns.Com.